CEO Update

FIA and our colleagues at the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) are committed to helping our members comply with standards of ethical conduct that will protect and promote the sustainability of the fundraising sector. 

In August 2020, we partnered with PFRA to establish a joint data reference group, which includes fundraising organisations and sector suppliers.  

The group’s objective is to identify gaps in compliance with the existing privacy/data legislation and regulations as they relate to charitable fundraising. The group has also proposed new or updated standards and processes to improve compliance and examined how relevant peak bodies in the charity sector can best support and improve compliance.  

Our data reference group has also been analysing potential future changes in privacy legislation and modelling the anticipated impact on the charity fundraising sector. Privacy is currently on the national agenda: the government is reviewing the Privacy Act 1988 with the possibility of more restrictive privacy laws being introduced. 

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a toolkit to help our members with compliance issues and to anticipate any potential changes to the Privacy Act. 

The toolkit consists of a data explainer guide and self-assessment questionnaire, notification statement template and a privacy policy template. FIA and PFRA will launch the toolkit during Privacy Awareness Week (PAW), taking place from 3–9 May. 

PAW is the opportune time to launch this toolkit for our members because the week raises awareness about topical privacy issues, highlights the importance of protecting personal information and helps organisations and the public navigate the privacy landscape.  

FIA has long been a proud supporter of PAW, and I particularly appreciate this year’s theme: ‘Make privacy a priority.’ Fundraisers must keep privacy top of mind by building good privacy practices into their everyday activities and in their information and CRM systems, donor processes and service delivery. Taking good care of donors’ personal information is vital to maintaining public confidence in fundraising. 

In addition to the toolkit launch, FIA will hold a free privacy webinar for members and the broader sector during PAW on Tuesday, 5 May at noon AEST. I’ll be hosting it, and my guests will be Peter Hills-Jones, chief executive officer of PFRA, and Alex Harding, founder and director of Dataphoria.  

Our webinar will cover the key points in the Privacy Act. This includes a discussion about the potential legislative changes, how to manage the personal information of donors (including first and third-party data) and why managing data properly is vital for best practice. We’ll also discuss the need for training and controls and the importance of having a data breach plan. Then, we’ll walk through the new toolkit and talk about issues like data in F2F and telephone fundraising, compliance around opt-outs in marketing communications and more. As always, we’ll take your questions after the discussion. 

You can sign up here for the webinar. I hope you find it stimulating and filled with helpful information you can implement in your organisation. 

Katherine Raskob 
Chief Executive Officer