CEO Update

This is Include a Charity Week, with over 80 charities and not-for-profit organisations on board with our social change movement this year. As always, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the significance of gifts in Wills, a key and vital fundraising method for charities, and a time to inspire more Australians to consider their legacy and the difference they could make to their favourite causes.  

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we couldn’t bring over an international gifts in Wills expert to tour the capital cities and talk to our Include a Charity supporters about their latest research or an aspect of gifts in Wills fundraising. I know supporters are disappointed about this as these occasions are always informative and offer excellent networking opportunities. 

But we know the quest for knowledge about gifts in Wills fundraising is ongoing. As a result, this week we’re delivering a special webinar just for Include a Charity supporters. Exclusive webinars like these are one of the benefits of being an Include a Charity supporter, so if you aren’t a supporter yet, we encourage you to join if gifts in Wills is an area you’d like to grow in your organisation.  

The webinar features Legacy Foresight’s development director Meg Abdy who spoke at our Include a Charity events last year about the long-term outlook for gifts in Wills in Australia. Meg will present revised forecasts in light of COVID-19, and you can hear her in conversation with Include a Charity’s Helen Merrick.  

Gifts in Wills remain a vital source of income for Australian charities. But this type of fundraising involves a long-term strategy that requires patience and support from your management and board. Legacy Foresight is predicting gifts in Wills will be approximately 1.7 times higher in 2040 compared to now, so it’s a fundraising channel you’ll definitely want to consider.  

If you’re able to invest in your marketing now, you could help your charity and others to inspire a higher proportion of Australians to leave a gift in their Will. And that’s good news for future generations. 

Happy Include a Charity Week! 

Katherine Raskob 
Chief Executive Officer