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National Breast Cancer Foundation

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National Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraising Team: 25 years of evolution

Since National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) started in 1994, breast cancer survival rates have improved from 76% to 91%. It’s progress that proves NBCF’s strategy of funding world-class research – with the support of the community, is working. But until we reach zero deaths, the job’s not done. Breast cancer is now the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia.

In a challenging fundraising environment, NBCF’s team competes with more charities now for dollars. Internally, NBCF has contended with significant employee turnover. But an internal strategy is now growing talent from within, resulting in several promotions and improved retention.

NBCF’s fundraising team has also maintained its position by investing in L&D; introducing robust systems/processes to optimise results; reinventing programs/launching new initiatives like Go Pink/Bridge to 2030; refining donor care strategies, and demonstrating impact for supporter retention.
Collaboration is also vital for fundraising wins. The team’s work with the marketing unit resulted in a successful 25-year brand refresh. Fundraisers also boost community engagement by connecting researchers to donors through impact reports and lab tours.

NBCF’s community fundraising program now raises over $7 million annually while their versatile partnership portfolio raises $3 million+. An individual giving program, developed only five years ago, has become a significant driving force, doubling the fundraising income for NBCF since its establishment and raising over $12 million annually.