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2018 Tax Appeal (QLD)

While the Leukaemia Foundation (LF) has historically focused on events like the World’s Greatest Shave to generate income, direct marketing appeals are used to grow income from diversified channels and funnel supporters into higher-value conversion programs.
LF’s 2018 tax appeal was an opportunity to engage existing supporters and extend their lifetime value. The team incorporated LF’s best practice and ethical fundraising knowledge, undertook a stakeholder-centric approach, worked with external partners to integrate sector trends and tested new technology to improve success.

The appeal focused on Maddison, aged three, whose family stayed at one of LF’s accommodation villages, while she was being treated nearby for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. The appeal theme was about keeping families together through treatment and LF’s excellent support. An integrated multi-channel/multi-wave appeal, the campaign targeted existing cash donors, lapsed donors and was broadcast more generally through digital/social media.
Despite numerous challenges, the appeal succeeded. It increased net income from the 2017 appeal by 5%, delivering $297,961 (gross: $357,224), an increase of 52% above the forecast target derived from 2017.

The appeal also resulted in a gross income tax time total of $1,153,622 across individual and major supporters. This represented a 100% increase on 2017, significantly boosting LF’s bottom line.