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Legacy Brisbane

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Legacy’s Canungra Combat Challenge 

Legacy supports families of veterans who have lost their lives or health through their service. The organisation needed an exciting new event to keep funds coming in, engage younger audiences with something unique and combat corporate donor fatigue.

The Canungra Combat Challenge (C3) was the answer: a new peer to peer event created and implemented in 2018 by the Brisbane-based fundraising, marketing and communications team.

Legacy’s donors tend to be older/less active. The team created a digital advertising strategy to recruit new, younger supporters for the future. They switched from reliance on direct mail and used peer to peer fundraising instead to capture that younger market. They also undertook a comprehensive grassroots recruitment approach with personalised face to face asks/presentations to recruit more corporates.

C3 incorporated a fundraising challenge/physical endurance team race held at Canungra’s military base. Participants enjoyed rigorous tasks including a body armour race, 2-km log carry and 5-km bush hike/run.

C3 exceeded Legacy’s expectations, attracting 128 participants (including US Marines) and raising $82,252. It generated 1,302 donations from supporters (average gift: $60). In all, C3 allowed Legacy to offer a more contemporary and innovative style of fundraising and strengthened stakeholder relationships. Crucially, C3 will add unrestricted funds to support 6,500 widows, widowers and their families.