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Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

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Let Them Stay Appeal


In 2017, the Australian government imposed a final departure visa on 410 refugees/people seeking asylum who had been evacuated to Australia from offshore detention centres for medical reasons. The visa stipulated the removal of income support/accommodation while directing people to leave Australia and return to Nauru or Manus Island, or their country of origin.
Responding immediately to the need for more crisis housing, counselling and provisions, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) launched a two-week emergency appeal within 24 hours of the government’s announcement. ASRC needed an additional $200,000 to meet the demand of up to 200 more refugees accessing their services.

The team activated an online appeal strategy targeting existing online donors, social media audiences and loyal supporters. With media interest high, ASRC maximised the moment with a strong public relations strategy (using their celebrity ambassador Mark Seymour) and paid social media campaign. SEO activity supported the online appeal, generating $132,000. Facebook Live sessions garnered 189,000 views, with the final broadcast (calling for SMS donations) making $48,000 in one hour.

#LetThemStay attracted 5,806 donations in just 10 days and raised an impressive $776,119 ($576,119 over target). Crucially, it enabled ASRC staff to provide much-needed support to desperate refugees/asylum seekers.