Fundraising Futures

Peter Dalton FFIA CFRE established Fundraising Futures as a consultancy offering his wide-ranging skills, leadership and experience to organisations seeking to realise their full fundraising potential.

Fundraising Futures provides strategic counsel to major public institutions, For-Purpose organisations, their Boards and Development professionals.

Fundraising Futures looks forward, delivering the fundraising models required for sustainable organisational growth – the bespoke fundraising business plans now required in the rapidly changing social and technological environment facing institutions and their people.

‘For a For-Purpose Organisation to achieve end-to-end positive framing around Giving Hope, their Fundraising, Marketing, and Programme Delivery Teams need to work closely together. This unfortunately is not often the case. This weakens the end-to-end messaging, the intrinsic motivators, and the achievement of concepts like Emotional Fundraising, which significantly increase the Lifetime Value of Donors.

Without this end-to-end positive framing, achieving great fundraising will remain the exception not the rule; investment in the fundraising function will remain undervalued and high fundraising staff turnover will remain endemic.’


© The Author(s) 2019 R. Roe, P. Dalton, Giving Hope: The Journey of the For-Purpose Organisation and Its Quest for Success