FundRaise Digital

FundRaise Digital is Australia’s preferred way of raising funds. Designed to be an innovative, modern and advanced peer-to-peer fundraising platform, FundRaise Digital helps you raise money and builds a great giving culture for your cause whilst making fundraising online an enjoyable experience.  

We pride ourself on incorporating industry-leading gamification mechanics that bring the most to your cause by competing for the best targets, badges and leaderboards. Our team fundraising options encourages competitive spirit and allows you to nurture your team spirit whilst collectively raising funds and making a difference. We also provide our clients with a selection of beautifully crafted peer-to-peer fundraising design templates and customisable options that best suits the needs of your campaign.

FundRaise Digital creates a personal, unique and branded image for you, making it easy for your sponsors to recognise you and donate to your cause. We take the hassle out of setting up your personal platform and strive to ensure your hard work is appreciated and heard by the wider community.

Our digital solutions significantly help clients save on costs by automating workflows for their business operations and above all, have no lock-in contracts and no escrow. With our easy and unique donation process, tracking your donations is made simple with all your raised campaign funds directly deposited into your designated account.  

FundRaise Digital Services:

  • Flexible Packages For All
  • Industry-Leading Gamification
  • Team Fundraising Options
  • Impressive Templates and Designs
  • eWAY, PayPal and Stripe  Gateway Options
  • Unparalleled Customer Service

Above all, we want to inspire you to the best for your cause and FundRaise Digital is here to revolutionise the way you fundraise. To find out more about how we can help you raise money for your cause, check out our website or give our friendly fundraiser consultants a call.

Contact: Mark de Rooij

Title: Product Manager

Mobile: 0481 818 252