flat earth direct


flat earth direct is an agency dedicated to fundraising and social action for good causes.

Quite simply we’re about digital fundraising, direct response and campaigning stuff that result in real, tangible outcomes.

It would have been easy to write a really long ad about all of the things we can do.

But we’re a little different. So instead we thought we’d talk a little about how we can help you.

We call it the flat earth approach. It describes the way in which we connect with people today.

You see, we created an agency that brings you the best people, not necessarily the closest.

Having worked all over the planet, we live and breathe the mantra that everything is different, yet everything is the same. There are more similarities in the way people behave than differences.

That means we bring our insights and successes from our work around the world, you bring your passion, challenge and goals. And together we create the right solution.

If any of this stuff or the bits and pieces on our site got you excited, we’d love to chat to you. You may even want to sign up to our regular newsletter here.

There are plenty of ways to find us.

Jonathon Grapsas
mobile: +61 4 0447 5551
skype: jonathon.grapsas
twitter: @jonathongrapsas

General Enquiries

phone: +61 7 3311 6308
twitter: @flatearthdirect