Connect Worldwide

‘just say yes’

We are Connect Worldwide Services, and we love to ‘just say yes’ to you and to each other, and we encourage everyone we speak to, to do the same!

Connect Worldwide Services is a new kind of telephone agency. We price our services differently. We have common financial goals to our clients, which allows us to be honest, transparent and brand focused. 

We would like to offer you 100 free of charge DMC’s (Decision Making Contacts) on any type of list you would like converting into regular donors. Uplift, Petitioners, Campaigners, Cash Givers, Lapsed Givers, e-News/Email subscribers or anyone else that you feel knows your brand and you’d like to test calling without committing to a new campaign/budget with an agency. 

Not only that, we’ll then offer you a risk-free CPA price for calling the remainder of your prospects/donors. No hourly rates or ‘Cost per Contact’ rates that encourage bad practice and dishonest account management. It’s different, so ‘just say yes’ and we’ll show you how you should be treated by your telephone fundraising agency. 

Led by a team, with over 40 years of experience running the most successful fundraising agencies in Australia and the UK, we’re no slouches when it comes to strength & depth of experience. Some of the current big Australian and NZ agencies are spawned from the leadership of our management team, which is why we feel we’re more than well placed to take the Australasian market by storm! 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you ‘just say yes’ today. Please, give us a signal and we’ll take your hand and ‘connect’ you to our ‘just say yes’ philosophy. 

Contact:                Connect Worldwide

Address:                2-4 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5HS

Phone:                   +44 0117 379 0065