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Looking for improvement in Charitable Lottery performance?

Aspire Non Profit Consulting provides selected non profit organisations with professional direct marketing and fundraising expertise, focusing on lottery management and design with the objective of increasing sustainable revenue.

What we can do for you

Optimise annual fundraising financial returns for clients through:

  • Strategic lottery and direct marketing planning
  • Lottery game design
  • Innovative database mining
  • Access to bulk rates for mailing, printing and design services and telemarketing

Aspire Services

Aspire consulting services specialises in marketing and management of charitable lotteries.  Sustainable lotteries are an attractive and resilient fundraising vehicle that needs constant maintenance, testing and innovation to ensure the best possible return.

Optimising net return for clients, is based on applying fundraising experience gained through:

  1. Extensive testing of direct marketing techniques and non profit communications,
  2. Researching and testing acquisition strategies for reasonable return on investment.
  3. Developing business and gaming models that focus on supporter loyalty.

Aspire offers an array of services; ranging from marketing plan creation or review, to production and design to analysis of results.  To support a multi-channel marketing approach, Aspire has teamed up with major mailing house, printing and telemarketing suppliers that currently support non profit lottery organisations based in Queensland and New South Wales.

Contact: Steven Banks
Title: Managing Director
Telephone: 07 5630 6252
Mobile: 0404 480 268
Address: PO Box 5649, GCMC, QLD, 9726