Special Report on Public Attitudes Towards Bushfire Fundraising

The 2019/2020 bushfire season on the east coast of Australia has been devastating for scores of communities and hundreds of thousands of people as well as serious impact on the Australian landscape and environment. During crises like these, Australians prove time and again their incredible generosity, going deep in their pockets to give. As a result, by the middle of January 2020, with fires still raging and the season far from over, Australian charities and causes had already raised close to half a billion dollars in donations. 

Previous information studies seemed to suggest that after disasters like the 2004 Southeast Asia Tsunami, the 2011 Queensland Floods and the 2009 Victoria Bushfires, people continued to give to their favourite causes while donating to the disaster relief effort at hand. Those studies suggest that rather than replacing their regular donations, Australians tend to give for a compelling and urgent need, in addition to their regular giving. 

As the representative body for the $9.9 billion fundraising sector in Australia, Fundraising Institute Australia was keen to understand more fully the impact that such incredible generosity has on ongoing fundraising by Australian charities. Would it negatively impact the day-to-day fundraising efforts of FIA charity members? What steps could we take to ensure that our regular giving programs are preserved, given that beyond these kinds of emergencies, the causes and needs which require Australian generosity continue to exist? 

Partnering with More Strategic, Australia’s leading fundraising, research and experience management consultancy, research was conducted to provide clarity for Australian charities on the impact of the bushfire emergency relief and guidance on the way forward with their regular giving activity.

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Katherine RaskobChief Executive Officer