FIA Partners for More Growth

Fundraising Institute Australia is partnering with More Strategic to bring organisational members better insights into their fundraising performance.

A new Topline benchmarking offering will provide FIA members with a free comparison of their return on direct costs, salary costs, full costs and fundraising staff to industry standards. Each report will show your bequest and non bequest results. In February each charity will be supplied with report showing their performance against other participating charities.

The free offer is exclusive to FIA members and to participate you just need to supply 8 numbers using the link below or downloading the data collection template from

More are also offering a significant discount for FIA organisational members who sign up to the Insights package of benchmarking which includes a comprehensive examination of each fundraising program (events, direct marketing, corporate, major donors, trusts, bequests, lotteries and sales). This in depth report provides dashboards for returns, 5 year growth trends, fundraising mix and can even link in to a budget building tool. For FIA members this is discounted from $4,000 to $3,200.

Find out more, download the overview and watch the videos here