Fundraiser of the Year appointed chair of FIA Board of Directors

HomeMade Digital director, Meredith Dwyer, will take up the post of chair of the board at FIA on 27 February 2020, just after the organisation’s annual general meeting.

Meredith replaces Dalton Garland Blanchard director, James Garland, who is stepping down after his two-year term as chair. Meredith joined the board of directors last year, while James has been on the board for four years. He plans to remain on the board to support Meredith and the work of FIA.

James said the board was pleased to have a chair of Meredith’s calibre.

“Meredith is highly regarded in the local and overseas fundraising community. She brings a wealth of experience to the board, which will be incredibly valuable for the sector. She has a passion for ethical best practice and driving innovation and sustainability in fundraising,” he said.

Katherine Raskob, FIA’s chief executive, was also delighted with the appointment.

“Meredith brings unique skills and incredible experience from over 30 years working in the sector. I’m looking forward to working closely with her as we continue our work to advance professional fundraising in Australia. I also thank James for his tireless work in helping to build the sustainability of the fundraising sector over the past few years, and I’m grateful he has chosen to continue to serve on the board.”

Meredith, the 2019 Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year, said she was honoured to chair the board of Australia’s pre-eminent body representing professional fundraisers.

“I’m particularly looking forward to working with my colleagues on the board to further our work in enhancing the professionalisation of the sector, to demonstrate that fundraisers make a vital impact on their organisations and the communities they serve.”

She also praised James Garland for his service to the board.

“I want to thank James for his considerable contribution and tireless work over the past two years, especially around ethical best practice and the FIA Code. Having served alongside him for the past year, I have seen first-hand his commitment to FIA, the board of directors and the fundraising community.”

Meredith has an impressive track record in the fundraising sector, having raised $130 million for a variety of causes in the last eight years alone. She has established non-profit organisations in Australia, the US and the UK, and has extensive experience in governance and legal matters in fundraising.

Past employers include Kids Help Line Australia, BoysTown, Cancer Council Queensland, Cystic Fibrosis Queensland, Royal Society for the Blind, the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and CauseForce.

At HomeMade Digital Australia, Meredith works with non-profit organisations globally, helping charities to create engaging integrated supporter experiences to raise more money and reach more people through digital marketing, outstanding creative and storytelling.

She has served on the FIA Queensland Committee since 2010, qualified as a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) in 2011 and became a Fellow of FIA in 2017. Meredith is also a breast cancer survivor and volunteer who co-founded Amazon Heart, a global peer support program for breast cancer survivors.