Big data analysis reveals real what fundraisers should be earning

OK, its not how much you should be earning but how much you should be earning for your cause!

More Strategic decided to review all their profitability benchmarking collected over the past five years to get the most robust return rate for each type of fundraiser. Over 66 organisations had provided income, expenditure, salary costs and number of fundraisers. The income data had a value of over $4 billion for the period.

For example, your major donor fundraiser should be bringing in $1 million! But your events and community fundraiser only around $400k.

The results show the influence of how reliant different areas are upon staff for their impact and the degree of outsourcing. Higher value fundraising like major donors relies on staffing for 79% of all investment, whereas direct marketing is much more likely to be outsourced and only 11% of costs are staff related

By joining the new Topline More Profitability benchmarking you will be able to compare your return per dollar spent, per staff member, your bequest and non bequest returns and compare results to other participating organisations.

Find out more, download the overview and watch the videos here