CEO Update

Last week my team and I organised two significant working groups. The first was with a group of FIA supplier members to find out how they are enjoying their membership experience and to discuss ideas for how FIA can help in driving self-regulatory ethical and best practice amongst suppliers to the charity sector and, specifically, fundraising organisations.

It was a productive meeting. We had terrific feedback from supplier members regarding their membership, and they demonstrated a keen desire to achieve best practice and ethical fundraising using the FIA Code as the mechanism. I will update you in the coming months on specific activities we undertake with suppliers to ensure they are all doing the right thing by you.

It was also ‘brains trust’ time for us. Last Wednesday, we worked with a group of senior fundraisers in Sydney on tackling the skills shortage issue in our sector, and how fundraising organisations and individuals, as well as FIA, can help address this problem in real and specific terms. We’re meeting with another group of fundraisers in Melbourne this week, so once we have collated the best ideas, I will share our plans with you.

In conference news, in conjunction with More Strategic and SOFII, we’re on the hunt for fundraisers who’ve never spoken to a large audience before and want to share their fundraising experience. Established at FIA Conference three years ago, Myth Smashers is a fast-paced, dynamic session where up-and-coming fundraising stars present for six minutes only on the biggest myth they heard when they started in the sector. The audience votes on the best myth smashed, and the winner receives free registration to FIA Conference 2021 in Melbourne, with the opportunity to host Myth Smashers themselves.

Our inaugural Myth Smasher, Alice Anwar, has gone on to chair the FIA Conference Program Committee this year, so good things happen when you participate! You can submit your idea in writing (no more than 100 words) to by Friday, 22 November. 

If you are strapped for resources to attend the conference, this is also the time to think about scholarships. New this year is a scholarship for an emerging leader in Western Australia, developed by the local state committee in partnership with the Euroz Charitable Foundation. It’s worth $5,000 and covers conference entry, a ticket to the awards night and three nights of accommodation. 

We know that it can get expensive for our Western Australian members to attend FIA Conference, so this new scholarship is much appreciated. Thank you Euroz! Deadline to apply is Friday, 22 November. Click here for more information.

For Queenslanders, the Joan and Ted Flack Scholarship provides the opportunity for one Queensland member (an early career fundraiser) to attend the conference. The scholarship covers the conference fees and the deadline to apply is also Friday, 22 November. A hearty thank you to Joan and Ted for all they do to support Queensland fundraisers. You can learn more and apply here

More broadly, the FIA National Scholarship, introduced in 2016, helps people working in small charities or non-profits with support to improve their skills. Proudly sponsored by Strategic Grants, it allows eight fundraisers (one from each state and territory) working for small organisations to attend the conference when they might not otherwise have the financial means to do so. A warm thanks to Jo Garner and her team for their support of this initiative! Deadline to apply is Friday, 6 December and you can click here to apply. Good luck to all applicants!

Katherine Raskob
Chief Executive