Women give more often, but men donate more: GiveNow study

New research from GiveNow suggests regular giving is growing in popularity and while women give more often, men reach deeper into their pockets.

The Who Gives? study by Australia’s first online donations platform also found men donate more in total than women when it comes to one-off donations, but women give more in total for regular donations.

Men donate $96 on average, compared to $70 for women. The total amount given by men is slightly higher, at $29.6 million from men compared to $28.1 million from women.

Produced by data scientists working in Our Community, GiveNow’s not-for-profit arm, the study also revealed men and women often support different causes. For example, animal welfare initiatives attracted more than three times as many donations from women as from men, but men were three times more likely to support causes for the elderly.

Of GiveNow’s 22 interest areas, most are more popular with women than men. Women are more likely to give to women’s charities, humanitarian causes and multicultural initiatives.

But men’s donations equalled or exceeded women’s in a minority of interest areas like youth, health and wellbeing, environment and heritage, emergency and safety, faith and spirituality, education and scholarships, and gay and lesbian causes.

“Since 2012, regular giving has become more popular than one-off donations with both men and women. The gap between one-off and regular donations is widening, and there is little reason to believe this will change. If you’re campaigning to covert one-off donors into regular donors because you want a more predictable income stream, you’re running with the tide,” said Cathy Truong, GiveNow’s executive director.

Other findings include:

  • the most popular type of donation is the regular monthly $25 donation
  • when donors sign up to make regular monthly donations, they maintain their commitment, on average, for just over one year and five months
  • the average total value of a regular donation over its lifespan is $789, far more valuable than the average one-off donation of $205
  • the busiest time for GiveNow is 11am-4pm, Monday to Thursday. Monday is the most lucrative day on the platform when the average value of donations is highest
  • Health and wellbeing attracted the highest total donations ($9.4 million)
  • June is the month that sees the highest average donation
  • Sydney is the suburb with the highest per-capital average donation.

Ms Truong said the study was valuable to fundraisers, especially the 4607 groups using GiveNow.

“Our insights will help organisations to craft campaigns and target their messages to the groups most likely to give,” she said.

The annual Who Gives? study examines giving by location, time of day, donation amounts and most popular causes.

Since opening its doors in 2001, GiveNow has raised almost $70 million from over 600,000 donors for more than 3,500 causes across the country.

For more info, take a look at the research.