2020 Call for Nominations

Pictured: FIA 2019 Fellows and Emeritus members, being honoured at the FIA Conference held in Melbourne earlier this year.

Fundraising Institute Australia promotes excellence in fundraising by acknowledging and supporting our members as they aspire to be the best fundraising professionals they can be.  

Our professional honours system recognises distinguished service from our members, those who uphold the very highest professional and ethical standards of fundraising and have made a significant contribution to society. 

Nominations are now open for election as a Fellow of FIA and for election to the status of Emeritus Member of FIA. 

Members who have been elected Fellow of FIA or Emeritus Member status are entitled to use the FFIA (Fellow, FIA) or EMFIA (Emeritus Member, FIA) designation after their name to highlight their significant achievements in fundraising. 

Call for nominations for election as a Fellow

Election as a Fellow of FIA is a professional honour that is awarded following intense peer review and careful consideration by the FIA Board.
Nominations will be considered by the Fellows Nominations Committee and the Board of Directors and put forward to be elected by members at FIA’s Annual General Meeting to be held February 2020. 

Download the Fellows Nomination Form below:

Call for nominations for election as an Emeritus member

Election to the status of Emeritus member of FIA is a professional honour that recognises and celebrates significant member achievements during their career. It is awarded to former longstanding Regular, Executive or Fellow members of FIA who have retired after long and active participation in fundraising. 

The award is made following intense review and reflection by one’s peers and bestowed by the FIA Board of Directors. 

Download the Emeritus Nomination Form below: