Tips for Increasing Attendance at Your Next Fundraiser

Charities struggle every year to keep their organisations thriving due to a lack of available funding. When charities are without support from their community, they’re unable to follow what their mission promises, and therefore, are forced to close. Charities strongly benefit from the generosity of charitable donations made by other organisations and individuals who have the drive to give back.

Community fundraising is a great way to support a charity and strengthen the bond between its members and the general public. However, organisations often struggle to properly promote and prepare for their events to increase event attendance and keep their attendees engaged.

Below are some easy-to-follow tips and tricks to increase attendance and engagement for your next fundraising event:

Make registration easy
Think about it: no one likes to wait in long lines when it comes time to attend an event. That’s why it’s imperative to use technology to help you achieve a seamless registration and check-in process. Eliminate disorder and help your attendees stay organised by using an event registration platform. This will allow individuals to register for an event and make ticket purchases on their mobile devices.

No matter how important the cause may be, people won’t be looking to attend your fundraiser if they don’t see, hear or read about it. It’s essential to not only depend on word-of-mouth but to use the resources that are right at your fingertips.

Utilising social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a vital way to promote your event. For example, create a Facebook event to share with your friends and family, and encourage them to share the message and sign up. This will generate interest, and you’ll get a good idea of who can attend. Be sure to use your page to start relevant conversations around your fundraiser to build excitement and momentum around your cause.

If you have pictures from past events, add those to your flyers, email blast and social to give your audience an idea of the vibe and tone they can expect. If this is your first fundraising event, be sure to hire a professional photographer to help capture the essence of your day so you can use this as a promotional tool for your next event.

Attend similar events and network using business cards. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will help you understand their interests and ideas, which can better assist you during your planning process.

Lastly, use your past sponsors as a marketing tool. Sponsors can serve as promoters to your event as well. Ask them to tweet about your upcoming event by creating a unique hashtag to spread the word.

Get great speakers
Snagging celebrity headliners to speak at your event may seem daunting; however, once you’ve secured your set speakers, it will be well worth your efforts! Celebrity guest speakers generate interest and serve as a great promotional tool. In your journey to securing a celebrity guest speaker, it’s essential to find one who has successfully proven to have supported charities that are aligned with yours.

When researching guest speakers, be sure to lock down at least three methods of contact and have your pitch ready. Try not to involve a monetary exchange when asking for their services.

Keep your attendees engaged
Guest speakers can heighten an event and give a positive perspective on a specific cause. But ensure that they don’t take too much time away from the other activities planned. Limit their speech time and make sure you’re well versed in what they’ll be covering during their panel.

It’s vital to have segments throughout the event that get the crowd up and moving. Interactive activities such as games, performances and group challenges are a great way to get your attendees engaged. Choose an activity that your target audience will enjoy and participate in. Keep your event fresh by implementing a few unique fundraising ideas that your event goers will surely enjoy.

Remember to set realistic goals and track the results of your event so that you can plan for your next successful fundraiser. If you are involved in any aspect of fundraising and want to gain more professional development in the fundraising realm, look to obtain the FIA certificate in fundraising.