New member-only governance resources to support compliance with Commonwealth Workplace Laws within fundraising supply chains

Sydney, 2 November 2018 – In response to a large number of member requests over recent weeks, FIA has announced the publication of a suite of voluntary member-only governance resources intended to support compliance with Commonwealth Workplace Laws within fundraising supply chains.

“As the Fair Work Ombudsman’s Charity Collection Inquiry nears completion and the sector anticipates the release of the FWO’s findings, FIA is making these resources available to help members ensure robust supply chain governance measures are in place. It is entirely up to members to decide whether and/or how to use them,” said FIA CEO, Katherine Raskob.

This is particularly important in a sector heavily reliant upon third-party service providers. As former FWO Natalie James identified earlier this year: “A lack of oversight and accountability on the part of organisations at the top of the supply chain…can play a significant role in creating conditions that give rise to non-compliance by contractors further down the chain.”

FIA is committed to supporting members in navigating this complex environment, particularly around the increasing scrutiny by stakeholders, regulators and media on worker engagement practices in fundraising supply chains.

To that end, FIA has partnered with the Labour Standards Centre of Excellence to publish a new Practice Note: Fundraising Supply Chain Governance, together with two member-only template resources which are available to download from the membership portal, including an example Fundraising Supplier Conduct Policy and Fundraising Responsibility Standards Statement.

“These resources provide a functional work plan for ensuring supply chain governance systems are embedded by suppliers and their sub-contractors, noting the FWO’s identified correlation between multiple levels of subcontracting and non-compliance with workplace laws. Members intent upon achieving a cohesive response to supply chain risks will consider the implementation of these tools, against which their suppliers are required to comply,” said Ebony-Maria Levy, National Managing Partner, Labour Standards Centre of Excellence.

“FIA is encouraged to note many members have already undertaken work to implement a Fundraising Supply Chain Governance Strategy and some organisations are well progressed in doing so, having commenced as early as 2016,” said Ms Raskob.

For those who have not yet embarked upon this important task, or are seeking support to do so, FIA is urging members not to wait for the findings of the Charity Collection Inquiry to be published before implementing supply chain governance measures.

For further information or to enquire about other fundraising supply chain governance tools and resources, please contact Scott McClellan, FIA Policy and Regulatory Affairs, at

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